You may have universe if i may have italy by guisepe verdi , just felt i can create the exact meaning of this passionate words , to the people around me and those living in my own land name persia. More than two thousand years of calture and heritage , motivates me to bring the most valuable collection from the place i was grown up Milano , 2008 Nama Casa was the name thanks to my always best company Elham Daliri putting in my mind that we can have the mix of two calture in one word , beside the best collection we always brought to our wide range of our clients we decided to bring the persian production , 2017 was born nama casa wooden industry thanks again my great , passionate team who always stayed side by side to create the best possible result.
Today also our main partner Belmore Collection Milano supports us in having best interiors services , bringing the most luxurious collections, not only for nama casa but also globally. I invite all of you to stay in touch with us for any interior and trade and also testing our Unique and top quality range of production. Always with you Amir Bahador Eshaghbeigi